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    This Center was developed in order to provide background information and resources for college students who wish to enhance their own materials.

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The object of study skills is to take less time studying, not more, but to become more efficient—getting more out of time spent. Techniques in this book are designed to help with that process.

Those who are not developed writers tend to think that they need inspiration in order to write, but there are far too many times when a person can’t sit around waiting for inspiration, but must write something soon if not immediately. Techniques in this book have been developed to help with the difficult getting started part of writing.

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Phonics and Syllables

Introduction to Literature

Beginning with Fiction

1800 Fiction

Definitions of Poetry

Drama as an Art Form
see: Drama Slideshow

Biography as Analysis

The Test of Time

Whitman Dickinson Hopkins

William WordsworthIntimations Ode

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Introduction to Classicism

Walt Whitman

Emily Dickinson


Metaphysical and Classical Poetry


Six Poems

Shakespeare. Housman.Milton



Yearning Poems


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